Price AU $675

AU $675
As one of the most well-known names in the yachting industry, Riva are known to produce spectacular boats. The Riva Iseo, though, is easily among their most well-known and recognised names. It's a stunning boat that manages to capture some of the charm and eloquence of the Riva brand, whilst having enough individualism to make it a stand-out choice for Riva enthusiasts.
Designed to carry the real features and functions of the Iseo, we make sure you can get a Riva Iseo wooden boat model to capture the shine, charm, character, and charisma of the Riva Iseo in the most satisfying manner that looks very much like the real thing. From that vintage Italian tricolour flag floating in the wind, to the rich blue and mahogany body, we make sure that every part of the model truly reflects the beauty of the Iseo. Powered by a 300HP Volvo Penta D4-300A engine, this model looks to showcase the true power of a sport boat that can hit speeds as high as 41KN.

Key Features:
o Dimensions: 70cmL x 22cmW x 23cmH 1:12 Scale
o Entirely handcrafted, fully assembled and ready to put on display (not a kit)
o Plank-on-frame construction used, with individual wood strips applied on the hull.
o The deck is sheathed in mahogany and varnished to accentuate the beauty of the natural wood grain
o Polished, smooth finish with numerous paint and varnish layers used.
o Brass and steel fittings are used throughout - no plastic is present.
o Leather seats, metal propellers, steering wheel, horns and Italian flag are included
o Designed to match up with the imagery and color scheme of the actual Riva Iseo boat.
o Accompanied with a wooden stand for perfect display

About the Riva Iseo
Known for its impressive space on-board, the Riva Iseo has become a go-to choice for those who love Riva boats. It's become a choice of yacht that makes the most of every inch of space it has, without losing any of the quality cruising speeds that we have come to expect of such a model. It's the perfect yacht for lakes, too, making it the ideal choice for those who like to go on a more rural trip.
The name of the Riva Iseo, of course, comes from the very foundations of the Riva brand.
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