Price AU $795 GST included

AU $795 GST included
For various reasons, the RMS Titanic ship is one of the most iconic cruise ships of all-time. Seen as the pinnacle of cruise ships at the time, to this day it would be hard to find a ship to rival the Titanic. So famous that it has spawned countless movies, books, documentaries and podcasts, the Titanic is a curious if macabre case of what can go wrong - even with seemingly impregnable ships. This cruise model ship, then, makes the perfect choice for those who find its history fascinating.
This 70cm recreation of the RMS Titanic, complete with lights, makes a fine addition to any location. The Titanic model includes every detail, major or minor, to a museum-quality standard. The design is enriched with added detail, but also accuracy and attention to history. As arguably the most famous ocean liner in human history, we've made sure that this 80cm Titanic model cruise (with LED lights) lives up to the legend.
Key Features
o Dimensions: 70 x 12 x 30cm - 1:336 scale
o A hand-crafted model from timber, fully assembled and ready to display
o Plank-on-frame construction used, with individual wood strips applied on the hull
o LED lights helps to bring this Titanic model ship to life - even during the evenings.
o All windows, portholes and other sections are cut into the wooden hull - not stickers.
o Wood and metal fittings used throughout: no plastic, just like the real thing.
o Major parts of the ship included such as the lifeboats on the deck, and stairways.
o A busy ship, created using details that match-up with the real Titanic itself.
o Built using plans and imagery of the ship for the closest, most realistic finish.
o Comes with a wooden display base and with a history sheet about the Titanic.

About the Titanic
The RMS Titanic is easily one of the most famous and notable ships in modern history. It was capable of hold over 2,200 passengers and was seen as the perfect example of modern ingenuity. The largest ship that was afloat at the time of its creation in September 1708, it was launched to sea for the first time on the 31st May, 1911. It cost over £1.5m to build, which would be over £100m in todays money. It was built by Harland and Wolff, who were based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
It was, for many reasons, an engineering marvel. Capable of reaching speeds of 28mph at maximum, its incredible 822ft in length and displacement of 52,310 tons means that it was far beyond many other ships of the era.
As the second Olympic-class ocean liner that was operated by the White Star Line, it was built as a model of modern innovation and shipbuilding potential. The ship was designed by Thomas Andrews, and was captained by Captain Edward Smith. Sadly, both perished in the disaster. The ship, though mostly for the rich and the famous, also took many people from the UK and Ireland, as well as Scandinavia, across to the United States of America.
Onboard, the ship was like a mobile place. It contained everything from gymnasiums to swimming pools and cabins that would have made most home owners blush. However, the ship only contained around one third of the number of lifeboats needed to carry its entire capacity. Poor safety regulation at the time meant that the Titanic was still seen as suitably prepared for disaster.
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