Inflatable Fenders BIG BUMPERS

Price AU $199

AU $199
Big Bumpers are an inflatable rubber fender that will protect your boat from hitting up against docks, jetties, houseboats and other boats. These bumpers are made from re-enforced PVC grade rubber with a self-closing valve.
You can pump them up by using a small handpump or blower. The Big Bumper inflates very quickly, in approximately 20 - 45 seconds (depending on size)
Place the Big Bumper either on the side of your boat or on the jetty/dock. It will protect your boat from wash and protects your boat from hitting against the jetty. Perfect for rafting up too.
4 different lengths - 2 feet, 4 feet, 6 feet and 12 feet long - in 18" diameter - in black.
This is the perfect hassle-free fender - this will protect your beautiful boat!
Easy to store - store it in your ski lockers, in your hull and just pull it out and start inflating.
Now you can sit back and relax knowing your boat is fully protected from the wash and waves.

2' $ 199.00
4' $ 299.00
6' $ 399.00
12' $ 499.00

Docking line kits available. Variety of pumps available.

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